After Graduation

What happened to you after graduation? Which pathway did you take? Which information and conversations served you well? How much luck did you have?


My internship was a turning point during my studies. I applied for an internship with a German Peace Organisation in Bonn. They would have taken me, but I decided against it and prefered to stay in Munich. Many things would have changed, I believe, if I had gone to Bonn.

Instead I worked for WECF an internationally-active environmental organisation based in Munich. Many positive things happened. I got to know Charles Savage and through him learnt a lot about dialogue methods, co-creative processes, facilitation and new forms of enterprises, meetings and communications.

For four years I worked for WECF. Although I wasn't earning much, it left me with a lot of free time that I spent on developing other skills and ideas. It was a time of trying to find orientation and a direction. In 2005, I started with theatre and improvisation theatre; a time of creativity which still lasts until today.

After completing an event and logistical project with WECF in Belgrade, I applied and got the job of Career Service Coordinator at the School of Forest Science and Resource Management in Freising. New challenges, new people and many opportunities to integrate my acquired knowledge, skills and ideas.

How did this happen? I think, there are often moments in life where your pathway splits. You can take route A or B. In each case, your life will take on a different structure, shape and colour. This is not to say, that one is better than the other, just different.

For many the SRM programme is seen as a chance for change and a different course of development. This is how I saw it as well, although I was unsure of the results. For me the outcome is good, but it was largely a result of taking initiative in acquiring skils and experience outside of the campus and the workplace. Inspiration came primarily from the people I met on the way. I am thankful for these meetings.


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