What experiences have you made since graduating from the SRM programme? What helped you? Which chances did you take?

Hi all,
I'll try to make a start here. Since my graduation I am working for Pöyry Forest Industry Consulting, a finnish based consulting company (www.poyry.com).
The SRM programme helped me in getting introduced to Pöyry. For half a year I worked part time and then full time, now since almost 2 years. The topics from the SRM programme helped also to be able to talk with foresters, since many projects are related to forestry and availability of forest biomass. Also the international athmosphere and the english language helped a lot in getting prepared for this job. The office is located in Freising, but the Headquarter is located in Helsinki, hence most of the communication is in English. At the job I am a little concerned about how we promote sustainability. Of course we are contributing to the build-up of bioenergy and a green economy. But I do not know to which extend this is really the case. What do you think from an external point of view? If you would like to be in touch drop me a line: moc.yryop|siebniets.leunamme#moc.yryop|siebniets.leunamme.

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