Finding An Internship

Your internship is full of potentail for your future career! Make the most of it!

Spend some time on your internship search. Take a look at these questions and discuss them with your friends….

• What are you interested in?
• What kind of organisation or company would you like to work in?
• What fields should the company or organisation cover?
• What tasks would you like to do there?
• Which of your skills would you like to use? What new knowledge would you like to gain?
• What would you like to achieve during your internship?

Talk with the higher semester students about their experiences.


Internship opportunities

  • Internscout - Internship search engine
  • Stop Dodo - Global portal for Environmental Jobs & Resumes - here you can find great internship opportunities that are… paid!
  • Global Vision - change your world. Volunteer abroad.

Organisations where SRM have done internships

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