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Hi Carol :)

Welcome to the SRM family! I also have the same background so it will be great to share experiences.
Looking forward to meeting you!


Re: by Emilia PramovaEmilia Pramova, 16 Sep 2009 09:17

Hi Carol
welcome to our WIKI and SRM.

Very nice to know about your interesting field of work and i hope your super excitement will be over soon :)

Looking forward to meet you in Freising.



Re: by ankit_srm_08ankit_srm_08, 15 Sep 2009 00:37

Hi! I'm Carol! :)

I'm Brazilian (and Portuguese!) and I am looking forward to know you all too! Super excited about SRM!

I'm a bachelor on Social Communication specialized in Corporate Responsability and Sustainability.

Hope to meet very nice new friends!

B. wishes,


ps.: I loved this idea of making a wiki page! The videos are really fun, people! rs ("rs" in Brasil means "laughs"!!)

Re: by carolmeirelescarolmeireles, 13 Sep 2009 03:35

Dear Wael and Mustafa
very nice to read about you both. I would also like to welcome you to our SRM community and Freising.

My name is Ankit (Nationality: Indian, 3rd semester). Here, i am just a normal SRM student (which i am more than passionate about) but i will be one of your tutors during your initial arrival and first days/weeks in Freising. So i happily assume that we will have ample opportunities for more and healthier interactions during the time you will be trying to put your early life in Freising on right tracks ;).

I am in Freising and you are free to reach me in case you need any assistance during arrival and early life in Freising. That's my job for the SRM new-born's !!! :) :)



Re: by ankit_srm_08ankit_srm_08, 05 Sep 2009 01:53

Hey there all,

Even if I made a warm meeting with Wael already( virtually through facebook:)) still just wanted to greet all. I'm going to be one of the newbies same as him.

arriving on 23th..

take care until then! cheers!

by MustafaUnalMustafaUnal, 04 Sep 2009 20:46

Thanks Hanno,

What a great group, I’m counting the days to come to Freising.

Looks like I’m the only new student here !!!

Hanno by waelgdawaelgda, 02 Sep 2009 20:36

Good fun! I also watched the film together with a group of friends. Afterwards we had a "discussion". At the end it was just me and a friend trying to convince each other of right and wrong.

With hindsight I should have approach the discussion differently. Instead of shouting out my ideas, I should have just asked questions.

Oh well….next time!



Hello Wael!

A warm welcome from me too! I am sure your English will get a lot better in a short time. Most SRM groups are very chatty as you will find. As you know, all the lectures will be in English and a lot of Germans speak good or okay English.

Perhaps you will find out German becoming a bit rusty!

Cheers and look forward to seeing you in Freising!


Re: thanks by HannoHanno, 02 Sep 2009 11:32

Dear Emilia,
I’m really thankful for the invitation in the first place, also for the warm welcome.
My Deutsch is not that good, I learned Deutsch 2 months in Syria and 3 months in Freiburg "till now" but I think I can manage a little chat auf Deutsch
My big problem now is with my English, I used to be better, but I’m loosing it
So when I speak now I use Denglish which is funny sometimes, and embarrassing in general.

thank you alot,
and have a nice day.

thanks by waelgdawaelgda, 31 Aug 2009 10:38

Hi Wael,
Nice to meet you (virtually for the time being) :) !! Its great that you are learning Deutsch - did you start from beginners in Freiburg?
I came to Freising with zero knowledge of Deutsch and it does make life a little (only a little) bit more difficult. I also got lazy after that (well, speaking English with everyone) and didn't progress much with the language!
Btw, I will be in the 3rd semester now, our lectures start in November so I will come to Freising later. My nationality is Bulgarian and I am interested in industrial ecology, sustainable design and consumption and conservation.
Looking forward to meeting you in Freising!

Re: Wael Ghada by Emilia PramovaEmilia Pramova, 31 Aug 2009 07:33

Dear SRM Family,

I’m Wael Ghada, Syrian Civil Engineer interested in water resource management and water issues.I’m currently in Freiburg – Germany, learning Deutsch. My first day in Freising will be 25.09.09. I’m sure the first few months in Freising will be the best.

looking forward to meet you all and get to know you better.
Have a great day.

Wael Ghada by waelgdawaelgda, 30 Aug 2009 16:52

Who's there?

Knock knock …. by waelgdawaelgda, 30 Aug 2009 16:48

I know, not the latest topic, but the following website is still fun to read:
Climate of denial

Emilia PramovaEmilia Pramova 19 Jun 2009 12:12
in discussion SRM Community / Workshops » Activities

Follow Up Session for SRM Community Tutorial (done on May 4,2009)

Time: Wed, May 13 '09 [Yes we started on time..bcos of Indian Tea :)]

Participants: Emi, Max, Hanno, Ankit, short but important participation/comments from active SRMsters who moved in and around our venue i.e. Forestry Cafeteria :) namely Arman, Adriana, Nele, Jose !!!

Thought Process:

1) How to ADD LIFE & make our WIKI sustainable ??
2) Discuss and find solutions concerning important suggestions and questions raised during tutorial session done on Mon, May 4 2009.
too many platforms ??? ….how to make wiki more user friendly and adding special technical user friendly features ???
3) Possible future actions.

What came out ??

for 1)
a) Get more people involved (make nice interesting contests like karma contests, knowing individuals interests getting those on
b) Prepare the a good platform for '09 batch and reach/include them early (concept like meet your classmates in advance)
c) Add some incentives for active participants (vouchers, books, certificates)

for 2)
a) Too many platforms (clix, email, facebook) BUT best unique feature with WIKI we all can remain connected even after
finishing the course which is not possible through clix which throws us out as soon as we finish the course.

b) Arman suggested and tried some programming tools (e.g. php) which can be used but need to be checked for compatabiliy ??
still open end to be dealt with.
c) Add some advance user friendly features (RSS Feed??..if possible updates messages from clix??)

For 3)
a ) Organize special days in the near future to make some nice interesting videos about SRM life, student activities, interesting
student hangouts places in and around campus , necessary work places like VISA office, places to
shop,places/people/situation to avoid as a first timer ;)
b) Organize another small WIKI tutorial with Charles Savage workshop on June 5 '09.

Activities by Emilia PramovaEmilia Pramova, 19 Jun 2009 12:12

On Saturday March 7, 2009 a group of SRMster met to continue the work on the SRM Community. We focussed on the SRM Wiki and worked on some basic ideas about financing our activities.

We brainstormed ideas for presenting SRM on the wiki and adding valuable information for current and new students. For example, narrated powerpoint presentations, infos on internships, SRM podcasts, how to explain SRM to your Grandmother and discussion on elective fields.

The Saturday group consisted of Sophie, Eveli, Ankit, Hannes, Max, Shomnath, Fei and Hanno. More creative sessions will follow at the end April or beginning of May. Please join! We need your input!

Follow up Session

When: Wednesday 13 May 8:45

What was the feedback?

Emi: My comments below in green

Max: Actually I am not sure the event was a success. I heard "Nice idea but…", "thank you for the effort but…". They seemed overall:
a) not convinced - My fear is that we will see a lot of 'sign-up and then abandon'
b) not enthusiastic as we are, because it is not their child. - That is true. The problem this semester is that everyone is kind of doing their own thing (separate electives, activities etc) and we have lost a bit of our 'glue'.
Emi: I dont think Max's comments are gloommy. He is absolutely right but we need to remember that all web-based projects need some time evolve and get ppl to love them.

What ideas come to mind?

  • Max: I wonder if we could somehow put a link from facebook to our wiki?
  • Max: I am starting to think that it may have been a mistake to start with a small group of people. I remember someone starting a forum during my study time and I reacted just like them, I was almost bothered and did not appreciate it. I rarely looked at the forum.

Max, can you remember exactly what you felt and why you were bothered? This will be great food for thought!
- Max: I thought: We don't need this, we have the clix already which can be used for sharing info, even files. It's already bothersome to check the clix all the time and now I'm supposed to check another one? Plus the clix is from the Uni, the forum was made by students own initiative, that felt less solid, less secure, less reliable (which turned out to be true, it just got deleted at some point). Furthermore, the idea back then was to have a site that Sophie, Warkotsch etc. could not enter to have "student privacy" to discuss critical topics. I did not like that private approach, as I felt like I don't have a single thing to hide from them because I see criticism as something good. Plus the page-design was awful and it was a bit cumbersome to use. I also felt it should be supported and implemented at the Uni and run by the LRZ, and not be hosted on the web. Plus I got so many @s about new threads etc. that it was a pain and so I often did not read them until the info was already outdated.

  • Max: I liked your presentation Ankit, but saying "if everybody invests just two hours per week" may not have been tactically wise. Even though I agree, it may have scared people off.
  • What does the Wiki have to offer for SRM-Alumni right now? Do we need to improve this? What's the priority of this compared to the interestes of present students? Right now, it only offers a platform to stay in touch (here we compete with facebook) and exchange sustainability ideas (here we have no competitors ;). But Alumnis are very important and we should offer some more as now the wiki is more 'current-student' focused. It needs time to evolve. The ultimate goal (and incentive) will be to create a broader sustainability professionals network.
  • What mechanisms (psychological ones) keep this thing from taking off (in systems analysis: what is the limiting condition, what is the balancing feedback?) Is it just critical mass or some other factor? We need to ask people to find out. Yep, we need to ask ppl personally.
  • Max: my feeling is that we wont get people to buy into this by writing things in emails. We need to convince them personally, because only then they feel our fascination.

Next steps

  • Get more feedback as to how people feel about this, why they are not enthusiastic about it
  • Get individuals involved, such as Eveli, Arman, Emmanuel Serna, Emmanuel Steinbeis, Adriana Sanchez… (!!!)
  • Invite the Alumni (done, thanks to Hanno)
  • Remove any technical barriers, by providing audio-visual guides (I talked to Emmanuel Serna and he lost motivation for technical reasons). I found some video guides made by another wikidot user and I added them through the side menu, under 'How to join this site'. I hope they help.
  • Create some sort of a contest or interesting event that will make ppl participate. Maybe in our next meeting we can brainstorm a bit about the karma levels that are portrayed for each user and see how we can play with this feature. Most internet projects that I have worked with kicked-off in this manner.
  • Spice-up the wiki by intergrating some funky applications?

(Add your thoughts about topics and processes!)

W3 Wiki life by Emilia PramovaEmilia Pramova, 19 Jun 2009 12:08

The general concept was there, we had many ideas about sections, content and functionalities but the central problem still remained - how can we put all this together? Some fundamental questions had to be answered before proceeding and these questions were the focus of the second workshop.

W2 power questions:

  • Which are the user groups (who will use it) of the online community and which are the target groups (who do we want to reach)?
  • Hedgehog concept - What are the core competences of the SRM community? What will it be best at? Passionate about? What drives us in to it?
  • How can we keep this alive and secure active ownership?

Please see the W2 central issues in the PPT below, before proceeding with the results of the workshop.

What is the SRM community passionate about?

  • Sustainability topics.
  • Still believing in sustainability.
  • The people and the interactions with them.
  • First hand experiences about SRM topics.
  • Impressions about people and their projects.

What drives the SRM community?

  • "If not we, who else?''
  • Curiosity – topics around the people.
  • Action towards sustainability.
  • Measuring how sustainable our actions are – interactive sustainability charting.
  • Being part of a mini United Nations.
  • Wanting to rescue the world (and still believing it is possible).
  • Incentive systems – ratings by users.
    • Who puts up the best content.
    • Who has the most posts.
  • Nostalgia.
  • Complain sections (study & work topics). We all like to moan occasionally.
  • Show our progress towards our belief.

What is the SRM community best at?

  • Capturing SRM content.
  • Immediate response to matters.
  • Connecting SRM people.
  • First hand information.
  • Contact to excellent sustainability people (SRM graduates).
  • Magnet attracting the best professionals in the sector.
  • Condensed content.

What will make us log in and participate? What do we want to experience?

  • Topic: How I saved the world today. Mini funny feeds that members will fill-in. Interactive flash representation.
  • Webinars and audiovisual content. Live web events (i.e. Live Earth).
  • Capture the new students before they arrive with audiovisual guides (i.e. survival in Freising).
  • Interactive graphical map with pins for the success stories of the members/ users. Coloring by sections.
  • Two-way integration with facebook and other social networking sites. Increased visibility.
  • Expansion to other target groups. Activate the magnet! Start parts that will be visible to the outside world.
  • Think big! Participate in the vision!
  • But start small and evolve gradually.

Check out a relevant forum topic by following the thread here Let's discuss!

What will keep the community alive? What will encourage active ownership?

  • Continuity of memories & spirit.
  • Memories of shared experiences.
  • Willingness to maintain our unity.
  • Our internal knowledge - internal jokes, responses, contacts.
  • Making connections - through/for projects, through stories.
  • Curiosity.
  • Possibilities & opportunities.
  • Mixture of professional & private networking. The socio-professional!
  • People's response to me & my actions.
  • Sharing experiences.
  • Ownership through incentives. Contribution.
  • International interconnectedness!
  • Looking for support. Sharing support.
  • Being able to cry for help.
  • Asking questions.
  • Pooling of competence.
  • Interaction.
W2 Hedgehog by Emilia PramovaEmilia Pramova, 19 Jun 2009 12:06
W1 Recap
Emilia PramovaEmilia Pramova 19 Jun 2009 12:04
in discussion SRM Community / Workshops » W1 Recap

Welcome dear SRMsters :)
The first SRM community workshop (held before xmas vacations) provided us with a lot of food for thought. The group brainstormed around the following questions & issues:

  • What exactly are we planning to build?
  • How are we going to use it?
  • What sections would we like to see?
  • What interactions would we like to have?

Various ideas came across such as:

  • Show best practices and projects of SRMsters.
  • Exchange useful contacts and job/ project opportunities.
  • Share useful information from the sustainability sector.
  • Help each other. Advise each other.
  • SRM alumni data base.
  • Meetings in Freising.
  • SRM newsletter.

W1 recap powerpoint

Please also see the presentation recaping the main ideas from the first workshop (click on the files button below or ppt here).

W1 Recap by Emilia PramovaEmilia Pramova, 19 Jun 2009 12:04

Thanks Adriana for providing these links!

A further thought on improv…how do we improvise during out normal day? How will our improv session change the way we interact with each other?


Re: Improvising Some Fun by HannoHanno, 03 Jun 2009 08:41

Our library is not extremely rich about good books related to our study field. Unfortunately I don't know how fast do the books appear in the library once they are put on the wish list…
Therefore, I suggest that if any of us has some useful and good books that he/she is not currently reading then to post the list in here and give the book into someone elses use :) I am sure all together we actually have a great library but just no informationa moving around about it…

About I could lend by evelisevelis, 29 May 2009 16:29

Would be nice to note if you have read it yourself or who suggestes reading that book.

About Reading Suggestions by evelisevelis, 29 May 2009 16:24
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