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  • Tree Hugger's job board - lots of postings concerning positions in administration, management and art/design in green companies.
  • SustainLane's Green Collar Jobs Board - The online media company SustainLane has recently launched a Green Collar Jobs Board, offering a tool to help you navigate your way down the path of a green career. The site shows us the kind of opportunities that are emerging in today's job climate and, usefully, how we can be best prepared to position ourselves for such opportunities.
  • Bright Green - a mission-critical recruitment firm seeking to identify and develop talent to shape a brighter, greener future.
  • Green Careers Center - Formerly known as the Environmental Career Center (ECC), GCC has been helping people work for a better environment since 1980. GCC assists individuals and employers alike, in matching top candidates with today's top green employers. With 25+ years in the field, GCC has extensive experience to help guide you. Their home on the web contains articles, advice and job listings, giving you yet another valuable tool in advancing your environmental career.
  • ENDS Europe – a European-wide information service including a jobsite
  • Eldis - sharing the best in development aid, research and pratice - an international job site for development aid.
  • Ecojobs – a European wide job site with many internship options and diverse search function
  • cim - Centrum für internationale Migration und Entwicklung, the human resource placement organisation for development aid in Germany
  • NachhaltigeJobs / SustainableJobs - German website which features environmental, CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and sustainability jobs and includes a free weekly newsletter and blog
  • GreenJobs – an important job sites for environmental jobs in Germany as well as Austria and Switzerland. Not in English!
  • Wissenschaftsladen Bonn – comprehensive job offers for the environmental, social, cultural, educational, renewable energy and sustainability markets. Not in English!
  • Salarship - a website where the lastest student jobs and opportunities are talked about.
  • Environment Job - a UK job site
  • Environment Expert - an all-round global site on environmental issues including jobs.
  • ACRE - a UK jobsite for sustainability, corporate social responsibility and environmental jobs.
  • gtz - gesellschaft für technische zusammenarbeit, the German development co-operation agency.
  • Deutscher Entwicklungsdienst – the German Development Service
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  • Policy Jobs - the latest research and policy-making jobs from around the world
  • Green Roles - a UK site for environmental and renewable energy jobs
  • IEMA Jobs - probably the biggest source of environmental jobs in the UK, where you can search under a specific skill, sector, region or keyword - hosted by the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment

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  • EURES - the main portal for working in the European Union
  • EuroBrussels - a specialist site for job searchs in the European Union.

Job offers

World Forestry Institute International Fellowship Programme

Bringing Together Foresters from Around the World

The WFI Fellowship Program brings forestry and forest products professionals from around the world to work at the World Forest Institute for 6 to 12 months. Over 80 Fellows from 25 countries have participated in the program.

The Fellowship Program offers participants many opportunities, such as:

* Conducting studies in the Pacific Northwest related to forestry
* Meeting with many different forestry organizations and corporations
* Building a network of forestry contacts, and
* Promoting the dissemination and exchange of information regarding global forest resources and their utilization

Fellows leave the program with a solid understanding of how the US forestry sector operates and who the key players are. Additionally, Fellows gain invaluable cultural experience and English language skills.

The Fellowship is a Blend of Research, Networking, and Cultural Exchange

There are currently three main components to the program:

1. Conducting a Project
Fellows arrive with a major research proposal developed in conjunction with his/her sponsor. We favor proposals that are policy or market-oriented, employ good use of being situated in the Pacific Northwest, and cover a topic of interest to the international forestry community. Research projects may involve information gathering, interviewing, visiting other organizations, or planning a conference. Fellows typically summarize their projects in a report published by the World Forest Institute.

Past projects have included:

* studies on sustainable forestry initiatives
* analysis of international timber markets
* opportunities in plantation investments
* certification of wood products
* the development of carbon credit systems
* a comparative analysis of regional forest management plans across several nations
* market studies on US wood demand
* use of recycled construction materials
* green building techniques
* interagency fire management

2. Networking with public and private forestry organizations in the US, especially in the Pacific Northwest

Networking is largely accomplished by site visits to forestry agencies, research labs, universities, public and private timberlands, trade associations, mills, and corporations. A combination of about four site visits or meetings per month are scheduled for Fellows. Fellows participating less than 12 months should note that most field excursions are conducted during summer months between June and October in order to avoid the rainy season. Fellows are also encouraged to arrange their own meetings to suit personal interests.

Typical site visits will include (but are not limited to):

* Nursery, forestland, and harvesting operations
* Various public agencies, including the US Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, Oregon Department of Forestry, US Fish and Wildlife, and Oregon State University
* Meetings with key non-profit organizations and local groups
* Discussions with key persons involved in forest certification, forest products marketing, consulting, international trade, public planning, and legislation
* Manufacturing and processing facilities for lumber, pulp, paper, engineered wood products, and secondary wood products

3. Educational Outreach
Fellows will be considered the staff expert for their region of the world. They respond to public requests for formal presentations to forestry professionals, general audiences, and school children.

Educational outreach opportunities may include:

* Fielding public inquiries regarding the Fellow's region of the world
* Attendance at multiple conferences and workshops
* Participation in the International Educators Institute, a seven-day tour with award winning educators and natural resources professionals
* Promoting WFI through published articles
* Lecturing at area colleges
* Speaking to elementary schools

Werkstudentenjob Nachhaltigkeitsberatung & -kommunikation bei akzente
Excellent German language skills is necessary
Wir suchen:

Werkstudent (m/w)

mit Interesse am Thema Nachhaltigkeit, gesundem Menschenverstand,
Grundkenntnissen der Wirtschaftswelt, Textkompetenz und sehr guten Eng-
Sie haben in Ihrem Studium (mit sozial- oder wirtschaftswissenschaftlicher
Ausrichtung) die Zwischenprüfung bzw. das Vordiplom bereits hinter sich ge-
bracht oder absolvieren gegenwärtig einen einschlägigen Master-Studiengang.
Ideal wäre es, wenn Sie bereits ein Praktikum mit Nachhaltigkeitsbezug absol-
viert haben.
Auf Sie warten Einblicke in die CR-Beratung und –Berichterstattung, spannen-
de (und auch mal weniger spannende) Recherche- und Analysetätigkeiten,
zahlreiche Powerpoint-Präsentationen, ein nettes Team und ein Büro in zent-
raler Lage. Sie sollten zwei Tage pro Woche Zeit haben.

Alexander König
Corneliusstraße 10
80469 München
Bitte bewerben Sie sich per E-Mail.

PhD positions

Potential employers

  • TÜV Süd Climate Change: Verification and Certification of CERs from CDM/JI Projects, VERs. Try to get a foot in the door by means of an internship.
  • akzente Germany's leader for corporate communication in sustainability and corporate responsibility
  • Environmental Resource Management - the world's leading provider of environmental consulting services
  • Deutsche Forstservice - a German company specialised on international forestry services
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