How to motivate us

+++We need to answer the question to
"Why should I care?"
This is a valid question. You should ask this question. You should and have the right to set priorities. In the digital age everyone of us faces information overflow that we need to filter trough. So why another one?

Here is why I care:

  1. Sustainability management is about inter-generation contracts. So are Wikis. Part of what we give, the next generation will profit from. In case of sustainability the next generation of humanity, in case of the wiki the next generation of students
  2. Many experts of sustainability stress, that the problems we want to solve, could not even be solved by a genius, because it needs many views and a knowledge that no single human being can acquire in a life-time. Therefore it is essential for sustainability problems in general to have good flow of information, create new knowledge etc. For us SRMs this means we need to cooperate much better than average humans. Much more efficiently. This requires new media. One such tool are wikis
  3. In a large group, everybody needs to contribute only a little so that the whole group has a huge benefit. It's not a lot of work, it's only little work. Plus it's great fun to see it growing
  4. We need to develop a different kind of thinking: whenever I find out something new, we need to think not only: this could be of help for my friend Fritz. Instead we should think: Could this new piece of info benefit my study colleagues? Or future generations of srm-students? If so: put it on the wiki! If everyone shares all things that (s)he would normally only share with friends with all srms on the wiki, together all of us will have a huge benefit!
  5. Attitude: "We are the people we have been waiting for"
  6. An online SRM-community can give you additional training during your studies and after you graduate (as an alumni). This can happen via webbinar events (Emis suggestion). The first one is envisioned in the coming semester. We get a sustainability celebrity to talk about a certain issue via the internet and SRMsters are invite to join. One option would be to use OpenSpace Online. Hanno sort of knows the person who launched that. Lets get this person involved: Michael Wesch. The question is if we could people to do this for free, or if we need funding for it.
  7. incentives: find some some great ideas here: See this w2-participation.
  8. Lets make some movies! We have cameras, we just need some ideas! Who are the movie-makers in the current semester? Get Emmanuel Serna involved!
    1. Audiovisual guides to living in Freising!
    2. Films of things at TUM that could be improved regarding sustainability (why paper-towls? why no solar panels on the roof?…

Please add your thoughts. I was thinking about a speech (that I could deliver), but maybe you guys have ideas of how to make it more interactive?

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