SRM Reunion

On October 24 - 26, 2008 the School of Forest Science and Resource Management invited SRM Alumni to Freising for a splendid Reunion. The group was joined by 1st and 3rd semester SRM students.

Friday evening was designed to bring SRM Alumni and current students in contact with each other. Alumni talked about their views on the programme, the pathways they took after graduation and in what position they found themselves at the time. Short Q&A rounds after each presentation fuelled the later discussions over dinner and drinks.

Professor Warkotsch opened the evening with a moving speech about the SRM programme, its development and potential in a changing world of resource depletion, climate change and population growth.

On Saturday and Sunday we worked on creating the SRM Community. We started with a discovery of who we actually are, what connects us together and what our common understanding and purpose is.


Who are we?
• People with different backgrounds
• People from different countries
• People from different social context
• International community
• People who care for the environment
• People who look beyond status quo / below surface

What connects us?
• SRM master
• Language (English)
• Environmental consciousness
• Common/similar experience in Freising
• Common goal sustainability
• SRM alumni
• TUM – forestry building
• Technology (telephone, internet)
• Friendship
• Conflict potentials, due to the different backgrounds / working environment
• Sense of responsibility

Which is our common purpose?
• Finding long-term solutions
• Sustainable development
• Collective mind
• To be example for the others

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