W2 Introduction

The general concept was there, we had many ideas about sections, content and functionalities but the central problem still remained - how can we put all this together? Some fundamental questions had to be answered before proceeding and these questions were the focus of the second workshop.

W2 power questions:

  • Which are the user groups (who will use it) of the online community and which are the target groups (who do we want to reach)?
  • Hedgehog concept - What are the core competences of the SRM community? What will it be best at? Passionate about? What drives us in to it?
  • How can we keep this alive and secure active ownership?

Please see the W2 central issues in the PPT below, before proceeding with the results of the workshop.

What is the SRM community passionate about?

  • Sustainability topics.
  • Still believing in sustainability.
  • The people and the interactions with them.
  • First hand experiences about SRM topics.
  • Impressions about people and their projects.

What drives the SRM community?

  • "If not we, who else?''
  • Curiosity – topics around the people.
  • Action towards sustainability.
  • Measuring how sustainable our actions are – interactive sustainability charting.
  • Being part of a mini United Nations.
  • Wanting to rescue the world (and still believing it is possible).
  • Incentive systems – ratings by users.
    • Who puts up the best content.
    • Who has the most posts.
  • Nostalgia.
  • Complain sections (study & work topics). We all like to moan occasionally.
  • Show our progress towards our belief.

What is the SRM community best at?

  • Capturing SRM content.
  • Immediate response to matters.
  • Connecting SRM people.
  • First hand information.
  • Contact to excellent sustainability people (SRM graduates).
  • Magnet attracting the best professionals in the sector.
  • Condensed content.
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