W2 Participation

What will make us log in and participate? What do we want to experience?

  • Topic: How I saved the world today. Mini funny feeds that members will fill-in. Interactive flash representation.
  • Webinars and audiovisual content. Live web events (i.e. Live Earth).
  • Capture the new students before they arrive with audiovisual guides (i.e. survival in Freising).
  • Interactive graphical map with pins for the success stories of the members/ users. Coloring by sections.
  • Two-way integration with facebook and other social networking sites. Increased visibility.
  • Expansion to other target groups. Activate the magnet! Start parts that will be visible to the outside world.
  • Think big! Participate in the vision!
  • But start small and evolve gradually.

Check out a relevant forum topic by following the thread here Let's discuss!

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