Suggested websites for Sustainable Resource Managers!

Innovative green ideas & thinking

Sustainable design & consumption

  • SCORE! - Sustainable Consumption Research Exchange (the Network project SCORE! acts as one of the EU`s central support structures for the UN`s 10 Year Framework of Programs for Sustainable Consumption and Production).
  • Green Blue - offers an online primer on the basic concepts behind sustainable design principles. The training can be viewed with any broswer and requires no downloads!
  • Cradle to Cradle Design - transforming industry towards eco-effectivness. True eco-design developed by Prof. Michael Braungart.
  • - a site for rating the ecological impact of products


  • Best LIFE-Environment Projects - download all the best LIFE projects selected by the EU Environment Commission. A wonderful resource of best practices!
  • Dropping Knowledge invites you to question yourself and the world around you. Every time you ask yourself a question, a new dialogue begins…
  • Biofuel Cities - a European Partnership
  • betterplace - a foundation for linking donors with recipients.

Climate change

Click here to download a word document with climate change web resources with screenshots from the sites.

Environment & Conflicts

Awareness raising

  • Chris Jordan Photographic Arts Human minds normally fail to grasp the sheer numbers of pollution, wasted resources death etc. This artist has found a compelling way to visualize what we normally see as dry statistics.


Video clips

  • Fora tv a video website on multiple issues - green, technology, politics, culture
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